Guide for Players New to Call of Cthulhu

If you are new to the Call of Cthulhu RPG (or if you’ve never played any role playing game), this wiki page will cover everything you need to know to get you started investigating cosmic horrors.

The first thing to do is to look over the Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules, which can be found in your Investigator Packet. This guide gives an overview on how Call of Cthulhu is played and the character creation process. Creating a character for your first game is optional. I can provide you a simple pre-generated character to use at your first session if you’d like. This guide ends with the scenario “The Haunting”. You do not need to read this, especially if you ever intend to play that scenario as an Investigator.

If you choose to create your own character, you will first need to print out the character sheet, which can also be found in your Investigator Packet. This is not the standard Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition Character Sheet. It has several more additional skills to pick from than the standard sheet.

The Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules section, Creating an Investigator (p. 4-6) will guide you through the character creation process. I have also included the PDF, Character Creation Process, in the Investigator Packet. This information can also be found here in the Wiki: Character Creation Process. As part of the character creation process, you will need to choose an occupation for your Investigator. A list of example occupations can be found in your Investigator Packet, as well as here: Example Occupations. This campaign takes place in London in 1928, so your character should live there or have a reason for being there when joining the campaign.

If you have any questions about creating your character, please post in the Forum under the topic Assistance with Character Creation.

Finally, I have also included in your Investigator Packet, the document, Good Cthulhu Hunting. This just contains some helpful tips that you may find useful during your investigations.

Guide for Players New to Call of Cthulhu

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